Tracking, Track Parcels, Packages, Shipments - DHL Express seamless LTL Freight shipping experience and the solutions you want to take your business beyond. This is offered via the next commercial or network flight out, within the shortest possible time. Blue Anchor Line B/L (Bill of Lading) or ECB. Regardless of which service or mode of transport your goods are moved via, or which application of KN Login you have been authorised to work with, KN Login Public Tracking is available to anyone with Internet access and provides you and all your customers with. View the FedEx Freight Rules Tariff. Standard format is 13 digits; for example. All modes of transport. FedEx Freight Shipping Rules Tariff. Standard format for airfreight is 20 numerical digits. Unique transport unit identification number. No standard format for roadfreight, it can vary from 8 to 35 numerical digits. Separate by a comma or return (enter). Track Now, select your shipment type: Express Services. To find the details of a shipment, enter one the following reference types, depending on mode of transport, and then click on Track. If more than one shipment is associated with this cargo reference, youll receive a summary screen with all shipments. Standard format is 14 digits; for example.345. See our guide to shipping and get expert tips for FedEx Freight shipments. We apologise for any inconvenience and assure you that this issue will be solved quite soon. The first column is a running event ID, the second describes the event, the third indicates the hub location, the fourth gives you the time when the event took place and optionally, a fifth column gives you information on the individual cargo pieces of this shipment. Standard format is abcd1234567. Please read these result table summary first: The table has a header that informs you about the Waybill tracked and the origin and destination locations of the shipment.

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Youll receive a summary screen with all shipments. Manage Your Freight Shipping with FedEx Ship Manager. If more than one shipment is associated with this container number. A reference provided by the customer for shipments. No wildcard search cargo lieferung possible, please phone our Express Customer Service at or fill out our contact form. Save valuable time and money by making freight shipping as fast and easy as possible. Realtime tracking, pack cargo lieferung Your Freight Like a Pro. Hyphens or periodsdots and special characters. Hyphens or periodsdots, fuel Surcharge, etc, view the current FedEx Freight fuel surcharge in effect. May be entered with or without dashes.